Here are some test questions for Solaris 8 administrator certification:
Questions 001 - 100
Questions 101 - 200
Questions 201 - 300
Questions 301 - 400
Questions 401 - 500
Questions 501 - 515

Question 501) If you have drwxrwsrwx, how to disable de setgid bit?

a chmod 0777
b chmod g-s
c chmod 2755
d chmod 2777

Ans: b

Question 502) The right way to use these two commands chown, chgrp

a chown new_owner filename
b chown filename new_owner
c chgrp new_group filename
d chgrp filename new_group

Ans: a,c

Question 503) What is the command displaying a trailer character in order to recognize what is the file type?

a ls -A
b ls -F
c ls -d
d ls -l

Ans: d

Question 504) What does r-x mean ?

a writable, executable
b readable, searchable
c readable, executable
d read only

Ans: b,c

Question 505) You suspect that someone has been trying to login to the network. What would you have to do set up the system to record failed login attempts?

a Nothing, account logging is on by default in ver 8\par
b Uncomment the line initializing logging in the startup script
c Enable the logging daemon
d Create a file called loginlog in /var/adm/ 
e None of the above

Ans: d

Question 506) Which of the following is the first phase in the Solaris boot process?

a init
b Boot PROM or BIOS
c Boot programs
d Kernel initialization

Ans: b

Question 507) What is illegal character in host name ?

a letter
b number
c slash (/) 
d underscore (_) 

Ans: c

Question 508) Where does the command who look for information about users currently on the system?

a /var/adm/who
b /var/adm/utmpx
c /var/sadm/ucmp
d /var/sadm/all

Ans: b

Question 509) What does t mean in -rwx-----t ?

a readable
b searchable
c setgid
d sticky bit

Ans: d

Question 510) Which option of patchadd command does not backup the files to be patched?

a -u
b -f
c -v

Ans: a

Question 511) What permissions are needed to change to a directory and list its contents ?

a r--
b rw-
c r-x

Ans: c

Question 512) Which commands will create a file ?

a touch filename
b cat filename
c ls filename
d cat blah filename

Ans: a,d

Question 513) You go to a users desk and find that the technician has su'd to root and left the station still logged in. You have 5 junior admins under you. What command can you use to determine who the culprit is?

a who am i
b who
c last
d finger

Ans: a

Question 514) The cron daemon 

a schedules jobs to run
b executes jobs to run

Ans: b

Question 515) You want to print a file with the highest priority, how do you do this ?

a lp -q 0 filename
b lp -q high filename
c lp -q immediate filename
d lp -q

Ans: a

Question 516) What is denoted by the following permissions on the file taxes1999? -r-sr-xr-x

a the file is not executable by anyone but root
b world readable-writable by all users
c file has been locked to all users
d The current owner and root of the file can execute it.
e None of the above

Ans: d

Question 517) Who can remove print job ?

a root
b file owner
c job owner

Ans: a,b

Question 518) What is the purpose of the PROM? Choose all that apply.

a Boot the operating system
b Test the hardware 
c Initialize daemons
d Share resources via NFS
e None of the above

Ans: a,b

Question 519) In Bourne shell, how to assign value to variable EDITOR ?

a EDITOR=/bin/vi
b set EDITOR /bin/vi

Ans: a

Question 520) You wish to run extensive diagnostics on your sun box during bootup, what should you do?

a Nothing, it will run an extensive POST by default.
b Press and hold the stop key while powering on the system.
c Press and hold the stop key as well as the S key
d Press and hold the stop key while pressing the M key.
e None of the above 

Ans: e

Question 521) What do you choose to use the new disk from the format menu?

a new
b disk
c select

Ans: b

Question 522) If you have an umask of 022, and you create a new empty file, which permissions will it have?

a 644
b 755
c 666
d 123

Ans a

Question 523) If you type the word Mississipi3 for the passwd command 

a It is correct
b It is and invalid password
c The passwd command shows you an error message
d The passwd command displays a warning message

Ans: b