Here are some test questions for Solaris 8 administrator certification:
Questions 001 - 100
Questions 101 - 200
Questions 201 - 300
Questions 301 - 400
Questions 401 - 500
Questions 501 - 515

Question 401) The new password must differ from the old one for atleast __ charters

a 2
b 3
c 4
d 8

Ans: b

Question 402) What does a physical device name consist of? 

a Slashes
b Instance numbers
c Node names
d SCSI controller numbers

Ans: a,c

Question 403) In Bourne shell, how to export variable ?

a export variable
b export $variable
c setenv variable
d set variable

Ans: a

Question 404) The command that may be used to identify the users who are logged in on other systems on the network is 

a rusers
b rcp
c telnet
d rup

Ans: a

Question 405) Which of the following are the valid software configuration cluster?

a Core 
b End User
c Enterprise
d Developer

Ans: a,b,d

Question 406) Which of the following commands will modify the /etc/dumpdates 

a ufsdump 0c /dev/rdsk/c1t0d0s2 
b ufsdump 0cf /dev/rmt/0 /dev/rdsk/c1t0d0s2 
c ufsdump 0cf /dev/rmt/0n /dev/rdsk/c1t0d0s2 
d ufsdump 0ucf /dev/rmt/0 /dev/rdsk/c1t0d0s2 

Ans: d

Question 407) If you have multiple dump files in a magnetic tape and you want to be sure that the tape drive will skip to the end of the recorded media before you dump more files into the media, choose one of the following commands 

a mt eom 
b ufsdump 0ucf /dev/rmt/0n /dev/rdsk/c1t0d0s1 
c mt retension 
d mt forward 
e mt fsf 10 
f mt last 

Ans: a

Question 408) Which command removes print jobs ?

a cancel
b enable
c stop

Ans: a

Question 409) NFS servers can share peripherals like modems and printers. The above statement is 

a true 
b false 

Ans: b

Question 410) In Bourne shell, set 1234=4567, which one is variable

a 1234
b 4567
c set
d set and 1234

Ans: a

Question 411) Which is the configuration file for nfs server? 

a /etc/nfstab 
b /etc/nfs/nfstab 
c /etc/dfs/dfstab 
d /etc/sharetab 
e /etc/vfstab 
f /etc/mnttab 

Question 412) What is the command that is used to find out the nfs resources shared by a server? 

a nfshares 
b nfsshares 
c shares 
d dfshares 
e netshares 

Ans: d

Question 413) Which 2 commands should be used to acquire online information about the /etc/vfstab file?

a man -s4 vfstab
b man vfstab(5) 

Ans: a,b

Question 414) Which PROM command boots the system using a different file system?

a boot -a
b boot -d
c boot -f
d reboot

Ans: a

Question 415) Which of the following is the spooling directory for pending print requests? 

a /var/spool/lp 
b /var/lp/spool 
c /etc/spool 
d /etc/lp/spool 
e /tmp/lp/spool 

Ans: a

Question 416) What are the functions of Print Filters ? 

a to identify the terminfo database entry containing the control sequences to initialize the printer 
b to print forms and forms with text and graphics instead of blank paper 
c to initialize a printer before sending a print job to the printer 
d to convert the content of requests to the type of content accepted by the destination printer 
e to track the status of every job to enable users to remove jobs and system administrators to manage print jobs 

Ans: d 

Question 417) Environment variables are known in all ___ created after the variable defined

a sub-shells
b aliases
c processes
d jobs

Ans: a

Question 418) Where is the ASCII definition database which describes the capabilities of terminals and printers ?

a /etc/termcap
b /usr/share/lib/terminfo
c /etc/terminfo
d /usr/lib/termcap

Ans: b

Question 419) Which directory contains the database entries that dictate the control sequences to initialize the printer? 

a /usr/lib/lp/ 
b /etc/lp/ 
c /usr/share/lib/terminfo 
d /etc/lp/terminfo 

Ans: c

Question 420) Which command is used to build a new file system on the raw special device at c0t3d0s5?

a newfs /dev/rdsk/c0t3d0s5
b newfs /devices/rdsk/c0t3d0s5

Ans a

Question 421) Which of the following evaluate the command literally ?

a back quote (` `) 
b double quote (" ") 
c single quote (' ') 
d parentheses (( ) ) 

Ans: a

Question 422) Which of the following user environment variables may be used to specify the default printer? 


Ans: c,d

Question 423) Which command in PROM mode can display the default Boot device that system boot from ?

a banner
b probe-scsi
c devaliase
d printenv

Ans: d

Question 424) Which of the following command cannot be used to manipulate print requests? 

a continue 
b cancel 
c enable 
d disable 
e accept 
f reject 

Ans: a

Question 425) Which of the following commands may be used to move a print request from one queue to the other? 

a lp -c
b lp -x 
c lpadmin 
d lpmove 

Ans: d

Question 426) What is the command to send a print request to printer printer1 to print file1 without banner?

a lp file1 
b lp -n printer1 file1 
c lp -d printer1 -o nobanner file1 
d lp -p printer1 -o nobanner file1 
e lp -p printer1 -b file1 

Ans: a,b,c,d,e

Question 427) Which command list hidden files ?

a ls -l
b ls -a
c ls -h
d ls -IF

Ans: b

Question 428) To execute the reducelog command at 11 P.M. every Sunday evening, which entry should be placed in a crontab file?

a 11 00 * * 0 reducelog
b 0 23 * * 0 reducelog
c * * 23 0 0 reducelog
d reducelog 11 00 * * 0

Ans: b

Question 429) What is the command to display all status information output and the acceptance and idle or busy status of all printers? 

a lp -a 
b lp -d 
c lp -o 
d lp -p 
e lp -s 
f lp -t 

Ans: f

Question 430) Which environment variable is used to set default printer?


Ans: c

Question 431) What is the command to display the idle or busy status and availability of all printers? 

a lp -a 
b lp -d 
c lp -o 
d lp -p 
e lp -s 
f lp -t 

Ans: d 

Question 432) What is the result of using the following command?
# mkdir -p dir1/dir2/dir3

a it creates 3 directories, named dir1, dir1/dir2, and dir1/dir2/dir3 respectively.
b it is not a valid command
c it creates directories names dir1,dir2,dir3 respectively

Ans: a

Question 433) What are the commands to cancel a specific printer request waiting in the queue or the print request currently printing? 

a lp -k <request-ID 
b lp -k <printer 
c lp -k <request-ID <printer 
d cancel -u <user <printer 
e cancel <request-ID <printer 

Ans: d,e

Question 434) What is the terminology used to describe a named group of printers created with the lpadmin command? 

a cluster 
b group 
c class 
d circle 
e school 

Ans: c

Question 444) Which error message this command will generate
cd /usr/bin ~letters

a Too many arguments.
b No such directory.

Ans: a

Question 445) Which of the following commands are valid to create a class of printers and enable them to queue jobs? 

a#lpadmin -p printer1 -c class1 
#lpadmin -p printer2 -c class1 
#accept class1 
b#lpadmin -p printer1 -c class1 
#lpadmin -p printer2 -c class1 
#enable class1 
c#lpadmin -d printer1 -g class1 
#lpadmin -d printer2 -g class1 
#enable class1 
d#lpadmin -d printer1 -g class1 
#lpadmin -d printer2 -g class1 
#accept class1 

Ans: a

Question 447) What does the command "df -k" do ?

a It shows the size of each file partition in byte
b It shows the size of each file partition in megabyte
c It shows the size of folders and files in your home directory in kilobyte
d It shows the amount of disk usage in percentage

Ans: d

Question 448) What is the command that will movee a specified print job to the top of the queue? 

a lp -q print-request -H top 
b lp -u userid -H first 
c lp -i print-request -H immediate 
d lp -p print-request -H first 

Ans: c

Question 449) Which of the following command will set the priority to n while printing a file? 

a lp -d printer -P n file 
b lp -p printer -b n file 
c lp -d printer -q n file 
d lp -p printer -P n file 
e lp -d printer -p n file 

Ans: c

Question 450) The stick bit has NO effect to which of the following ?

a file owner
b any member of the group
c anybody access the directory

Ans: a

Question 451) Which command is used to change the system boot device?

a use disk2 as boot-device
b set boot-device disk2
c setenv boot-device disk2
d set boot-dev disk2
e setdev boot disk2

Ans: c

Question 452) When you use the command #reject printer1 , 

a printer1 will reject additional print requests on the printer 
b printer1 will move or cancel any requests that are currently queued to the printer 
c printer1 will be temporarily unavailable (equivalent to pressing "online/offline" on the printer itself 
d printer1 will will accept print jobs 

Ans: a,b

Question 453) When you use the command #disable printer1

a printer1 will reject additional print requests on the printe r 
b printer1 will move or cancel any requests that are currently queued to the printer 
c printer1 will be temporarily unavailable (equivalent to pres sing "online/offline" on the d printer itself 
e printer1 will accept print jobs 

Ans: c,e

Question 454) Which of the following command may be used to check the status of the print queues? 

a lp -q 
b lp -s printername 
c lp -q printername 
d lpstat -o 
e lpstat -p printername 

Ans: d,e

Question 455) In order to redefine available set of commands you can execute,which variable must you modify ?

d PS1

Ans: b

Question 456) Which of the following files may be use to control the usage of crontab? 

a /etc/crontab/cron.allow 
b /etc/crontab/cron.deny 
c /etc/cron.d/cron.allow 
d /etc/cron.d/cron.deny 
e /etc/cron.access 
f /etc/crontabACL 

Ans: c,d

Question 457) Which daemon may execute commands repeatedly ?

a cron
b at
c cronat
d crontab

Ans: a

Question 458) Which of the following may be considered as serial devices? 

a serial ports 
b SCSI ports 
c alphanumeric terminals 
d modems 
e serial printers 

Ans: a,c,d,e

Question 459) What does R means: in the S column of the output of ps command?

a The process is running.
b The process is on the running queue
c This process is a regular process.
d This is a sleeping process.

Ans: a

Question 460) What are the serial interfaces? 

a Small Computer System Interface 
b Serial Device Peripheral Interface 
c Data Terminal Equipment 
d Data Communications equipment 
e Serial Data Interface 
f Serial Communication Equipment 

Ans: c,f

Question 461) Which command does a full backup of all files in the /export/home file system to the /dev/rmt/1 remote tape device attached to the workstation "mars".

a ufsdump Of mars/dev/rmt/1 /export/home
b dd 0f mars/dev/rmt/1 /export/home
c cpio > i mars/dev/rmt/1 /export/home

Ans: a

Question 462) Pin 2 of the RS-232-C 25 pin connector for a Data Terminal Equipment is used to 

a transmit signal 
b receive signal 

Ans: a

Question 463) Which of the following are true of null modem cable ? 

a A null modem cable provides meAns: for two DTE devices to communicate with each other without a modem 
b A null modem cable crosses pins 2 and 3 
c A null modem cable crosses pins 7 and 8 
d Only pins 2,3 and 7 are required for communications between two DTE devices 

Ans: a,b,d

Question 464) The tip command 

a may be used to connect a remote host using a modem 
b uses full duplex connection over a parallel line 
c will cause a file called .tiprc in the user's home directory to be executed 
d may use the following environment variables REMOTE, PHONES, HOST, HOME, SHELL 
e uses the following files /etc/phones, /etc/remote, /var/adm/aculog and ~/.tiprc 

Ans: a,b,c,d,e

Question 465) Root user is 

a user ID=0, group ID=0
b user ID=0, group ID=1
c user ID=1, group ID=0
d user ID=1, group ID=1

Ans: b

Question 466) Which Sun system will halt and poweroff when "init 5" is executed ?

a sun3
b sun4
c sun4c
d sun4m
e sun4d

Ans: d

Question 467) Which of the following module is used to perform standard terminal I/O processing? 

a ldterm 
b sacadm 
c pmadm 
d ttyadm 
e nlsadmin 

Ans: a

Question 468) Password is verified against which file ?

a /etc/shadow
b /etc/passwd

Ans: a

Question 469) The SAF (Service Access Facility) 

a may be used for monitoring of the parallel ports 
b uses the port monitor process to manage the USB port 
c uses ttymon to manage serial ports 
d manages network ports using the listen daemon 

Ans: a,b,c,d

Question 470) Which of the following daemons is used for detecting incoming login requests and dispatching these requests appropriately, setting terminal modes and baud rates? 

a listen 
b logind 
c ttymon 
d ttyd 
e seriald 

Ans: a,b,c,d,e 

Question 471) Which of the following command copy files to remote system ?

a rcp
b rsh
c ftp
d telnet

Ans: a

Question 472) Which option of the usermod command allows the use of duplicate user IDs?

a -o
b -i
c -u

Ans: a

Question 473) What does .login commonly have ?

a environment variables
b shell variables

Ans: a

Question 474) What file is created by ttymon and contains successful logins information ? 

a /var/adm/logins 
b /var/ttylogs 
c /var/tty/logins 
d /var/adm/utmp 
e /var/logs/ttylog 

Ans: d

Question 475) What command can be used to set the values of the positional parameters? 

a setenv 
b setparam 
c setpos 
d setpp 
e set 

Ans: e

Question 476) When is the system profile executed?

a After the .profile in the home directory of the user account
b Before the .profile in the home directory of the user account
c Instead of the .profile in the home directory of the user account

Ans: b

Question 477) The sh command is a useful one to debug shell scripts. Which option of the sh command may be used to print commands and their arguments as they are executed? 

a -v 
b -s 
c -x 
d -d 
e -c 

Ans: c

Question 478) What type of file is this?
drwxr_xr_x 1 tom users 512 Sep 1 0826 devices

a block
b Directory
c Symbolic link
d Device 
e Regular

Ans: b

Question 479) How to terminate an application ?

a Ctrl-c
b kill command
c quit from window for any window applications
d suspend command

Ans: a,b,c

Question 480) What is the block size that df shows disk space in,by default?

a 256 bytes
b 512 bytes 
c 1024 bytes
d 2048 bytes

Ans: b 

Question 481) Which of the following command show the patches installed?

a pkginfo
b patchadd -p
c showrev -p
d patchinfo

Ans: b,c

Question 482) Which command, similar to tar in syntax, produces an archive which compresses each file before archiving it?

a tar 
b Zcat
c cpio

Ans: b

Question 483) What value represents Sunday in the day of week field in crontab?

a 0
b 1
c 6
d 7

Ans: a

Question 484) Which process tool can you use to find the current working directory for a process? 

a ps
b pwdx
c dir

Ans: b

Question 485) How do you find all the patches that have been applied to the package SUNWtest? 

a showrev -p |grep SUNWtest
b pacthinfo SUNWtest
c showpacth -p SUNWtest

Ans: a

Question 486) If you are on a VT220 terminal and there is no stop key on the keyboard, which of the following is true

a A break signal cannot be sent to the machine from the terminal.
b A break signal can be sent by pressing CTRL, ALT and Del together.
c Check the VT220 terminal manual to find out he key to generate the break signal.
d Power down the VT220 terminal to send the break signal.

Ans: c

Question 487) Your current working directory is the /export/home_a/user/ directory. Which 2 commands strings put you into the /export/home_b/user 20 directory?

a cd ../../home_b/user 20
b cd /export/home_b/user 20

Ans a,b

Question 488) What are the 3 default Solaris 8 shells?

a c,bourne,korn
b bash,korn,bourne
c sun,korn,bourne

Ans: a

Question 489) What affect does setting ignoreeof environment variable have ?

a Shell will ignore Control-D, so you cat not log out with it
b can not end letter using mail command since Control-D will be ignored

Ans: a

Question 490) How many shells are available in solaris 8 operating environment?

a 3
b 4
c 8
d 6

Ans: d 

Question 491) In order to monitor system message on the console,uncomment CONSOLE=/dev/console in which file ?

a /etc/default/su
b /etc/default/login
c /etc/default/init
d /etc/default/passwd

Ans: a

Question 492) Which of the following command shows the processes associated with the local terminal?

a ps -e
b ps -ef
c ps -a
d ps 

Ans: c

Question 493) How will u change all the occurences of "Solaris" into "Solaris Operating Enviroment" in a file?

a %s/Solaris/Solaris Opearating Environment/g
b %r/Solaris/Solaris Opearating Environment/g
c %c/Solaris/Solaris Opearating Environment/g

Ans: a

Question 494) Which directory does "cd .." change to ?

a parent directory
b child directory
c home directory
d root directory

Ans: a

Question 495) What are the ways to quit vi?

a wq
b w
c q
d ZZ
e quit

Ans: a,b,d

Question 496) What is the correct sequence of file type ?

a owner other group
b other group owner
c owner group other
d group other owner

Ans: c

Question 497) Siva has taken a position with a competing firm. How would you go about locking his account so that he can no longer gain access to the system? Choose all that apply.

a use the admintool to delete his account.
b i userdel ram12
c i passwd -l ram12
d using the admintool remove him from the accounting group
e None of the above

Ans: c

Question 498) In relative path, which is the default in the directory hierarchy ?

a look down the directory
b look up the directory

Ans: a

Question 499) From the command line, how would you delete users directory and login at the same time?

a userdel -d siva
b userdel -r siva
c userdel -l siva
d userdel -o siva

Ans: b

Question 500) How to display disk usage in terms of kilobyte ?

a df -k
b du -k
c df
d du

Ans: a