How to create Ringtones for your Blackberry 7100 phone

1. Due to some restrictions of the phone, the maximum size you may be able to save is 15 seconds, because the filesize must be less than 128kb. Take your favorite song and make it 15 seconds long and convert it to a wav. Use audacity, it is free.

2. Open the wav in Microsoft Sound Recorder and save as format: Microsoft ADPCM with attributes: 8.000 kHz, 4 bit, Mono.

3. Download Multimedia Center. You can try Philips Mobile Phone Tools, if you like torture.

4. Open Multimedia Studio. Open your wav in Melody Studio. Do not use Melody Studio for previous steps, it will make your file size huge. Do a Save as type: OkiADPCM (*.adp)

5. If you do not run your own web server, skip to step 7. Add the following mime type to your web browser: audio/adpcm     adp

6. FTP the file to your webserver in binary mode. Somewhere like the root directory, so you do not have to type a long URL on your phone. Go to step 8.

7. If you do not run your own web server, upload the file to You will have to create an account.

8. Using your phone, open the .adp file in your web browser.

Forum discussing this topic. The above info was there, just in bits and pieces.

Free ringtones - Using your blackberry, surf to

Free games - Using your blackberry, surf to Under Helpful Websites, choose Downloads. Under Games, choose Free Games. That's it.

Backgrounds are easy too. Just create one and email it to yourself. Then save it. Use google for details.